Seriously i’m usually all for Team Mary, but in this episode she had totally lost her mind. What Francis did was sudden and probably not the best thing, but he DID something. She would have died, they would have slit her throat or blown up the ship or something. What would Scotland have then? No queen and no liasion with France.

This is the first episode where I would actually believe Mary’s 15. She was acting like such a child. Without France, Scotland’s dead in the water, and I’m just going to wait and see how long it’s going to take for Mary to see that.

mary and francis + doing dumb shit in order to save each other’s lives.

my two cents on reign/spoilers

I agree with francis. If he hadn’t done what he did she would have DIED. Also, another thing I don’t get is why is Mary being illogical? Like I get that you want to help your country, but if word gets out that France is unstable it means the end for Scotland. Like, France is the only thing that’s stopping England from attacking. The only way to help Scotland at this point is to help France, not turn her back on it.

you’re not like anyone I’ve ever met, in any of my many lifetimes.

Anonymous whispered: "the pointless love triangle comeback is disgusting" lol what is disgusting about the love triangle is stefan saving damon's life and having to leave MF with klaus, and damon repaying him by forcing himself on his brother's girlfriend. that's disgusting and you seemed to have no problem with that.

i am sorry don’t give me that shit, i’m so not in the mood for this.

I don’t hate on Stefan but I do hate Stefan with Elena. Stefan isn’t elena’s boyfriend for a long time and if it wasn’t for damon that summer elena would have died like 5 times. 

And yes, it IS disgusting trying to draw viewers back in by brining back a storyline no one is interested in. It’s all going to go back to Damon and Elena and the only thing this is going to do to SE shippers is break their hearts all over again. I know it, and deep down everybody knows it. This show has becomes SO bad that the only thing keeping it afloat are its ships, mainly Damon and Elena, although they’re also kind of meh this season. This is all going to go BOOM in everybody’s faces and i’m sick of this. It’s disgusting. Sue me.

Stop trying to bring back stuff that happened almost 2 years ago. It’s pointless. 

no furher questions of this sort will be answered because i don’t have the patience to be polite right now and I don’t wanna offend anyone. This is the first and last thing i’m saying on the matter.

I hope next episode gets higher ratings simply because it would help Paul. Paul directing is probably going to be the best thing that has happened this season. The pointless love triangle come back is disgusting but Paul doesn’t write the show, he’s just going to direct it. So although I’m a DE fan, and I’ve kind of stopped watching for now, I want to say to all of you - tune in, Paul deserves it. 

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Happy 35th birthday Jennifer Marie Morrison! (April 12, 1979)


Things are different now, we’re married.


somebody tell me it isn’t true please please please?

I didn’t come looking for Mary. I was worried about you. Why?

Because you’re not safe in this castle and I will always defend you.

I’m happy that we’re getting a frary fight next episode. It’s about time we got one. Not everything can be unicorns and rainbows all the time - that’s what  I liked about them in the first place. They both come with their own issues and responsibilities. And it’s better that we’re getting it now than in the finale.


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