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“I Couldn’t Be Happier If I Tried” — Ian Somerhalder


friend-zoning guys is horrible. it is disgusting. funzone them instead. send them to a small childs park so they can cry with the other babies when they dont get what they want.


'We saw Felicity going out on a date with Oliver, which made everyone's hearts flutter. I can assume everything goes perfect on the date too, right?' (x)



there’s a huge difference between “let people do what they choose with their bodies” and “let those 12 year olds have irresponsible sex”

its been 2 days and this has like 50k notes and i’ve only received like 5 hate messages about this u go tumblr u growin up


TVD + Text Posts | Part 2


Being a nice person is so fun

Waiter messes something up? You can see the relief on their faces when you don’t scream and swear at them about it

Extra tickets at an arcade/prize place? Watch a little kid’s face light up when you give them a bunch of tickets

There are too many assholes in this world. Be a nice person.

make me choose: Jolex or Japril

"I started doing comedy because that was the only stage that I could find. It was the pure idea of being on stage. That was the only thing that interested me, along with learning the craft and working, and just being in productions with people."

-Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

Seriously, the final season of true blood sucks so much. There’s not even one decent storyline, they had ONE good villian and they killed her off 5 minutes after she decided to be a villian. No one cares about Bill/Sookie and Hoyt/Jessica, guess what? This is what you’re getting.

What is it with shows and stupid finales, i’m so done.

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#and he never forgave #and he never forgot

Ian Somerhalder arrives at Teen Choice Awards 2014 (Aug 10)

Shay Mitchell attends FOX’s 2014 Teen Choice Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on August 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.